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Agent Help Center
Agent Help Center

For agents, brokers, & agencies who have questions about HealthSherpa

What's New: Product Update Log
FFM Certification and free CE credits for PY2024
What is a HealthSherpa Premier Partner?
Georgia Access for Plan Year 2025
Line of Authority (LOA)

Email notifications for follow-up document changes
"At-risk Clients" reminder email
Data Matching Issues (DMIs)
Uploading Follow-up Documents
Follow-up document reminders for clients
Where can I find my client’s eligibility letter?
My client submitted an application and received a confirmation email. However, the client does not appear on my agent dashboard. Why did this happen and am I the Agent of Record?
After enrollment, a blue "Access in" button is displayed on my client's page. What is that for?
FFM username and password
I searched for a client’s application on and nothing came up. Where is the application?
What do these statuses mean on - Pending, Initial Enrollment, Active, Cancelled
How can I import information into my HealthSherpa account?
Primary Care Provider (PCP) Selection
How to Resolve Data Matching Issues (DMIs): Quick Guide
Why is there no ‘Pay Now’ button in my client’s profile?
Reporting a Life Change
Documents due tab