Use the 'Access Marketplace' button to search for a client's application on the Marketplace. Click 'Update' to enter the app. 

Important note:
When simply viewing a status or information, log out directly from the Marketplace when you are done. There is no need to return to HealthSherpa to resubmit the app unless you are reporting a life change. 

Here are the pages that you will see on, and what you can find on each one:

My plans & programs

  • Status of plan

  • Premium & ATPC

  • Terminate plan

My plan profile

  • Information like address, contact info, that are listed on the plan 

  • List of changes made and timestamps

Eligibility & appeals

  • Download eligibility letter

  • “Return to Enrollment Partner’s Website” button

  • View Medicaid determination

Application details

  • Review document statuses

  • Upload documents

  • Remove application

Report a life change

  • List of life changes to report

  • Button to begin life change

Communication preferences

  • Edit phone number, email address, etc. 

  • Change communication preferences (paper mail vs. email, etc.)


  • Report an exemption from tax penalty

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