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Primary Care Provider (PCP) Selection
Primary Care Provider (PCP) Selection

Learn how to select a Primary Care Provider after enrollment.

Written by Joseph Gefroh
Updated over a week ago

Great news, Agents!

HealthSherpa is pleased to offer the ability for Consumers to select a Primary Care Provider (PCP) directly from HealthSherpa as part of the post-enrollment servicing activities.

For enrollments through participating Carriers, Agents and Consumers will see the option to select a PCP from either the Enrollment Success Page, or the Agent can access it via their Dashboard's Client Details page.

The user can search for a Provider within the Carrier's network, and then select that provider for each applicant.

This PCP selection will be sent directly to the Carrier, helping ensure continuity of care.

Participating Carriers

The following participating Carriers have integrated with this capability:

  • Oscar

Enrollments from other Carriers will not see this functionality until these Carriers choose to integrate - contact them today about integrating with HealthSherpa!

Example screenshots

The Enrollment Success page contains a button to select a Primary Care Provider (on participating plans):

The Agent can also select a Primary Care Provider from the Client page (on participating plans):

Primary Care Providers can be selected per applicant:

You can use a Carrier's Provider Search tool (if available), or search by name:

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