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Line of Authority (LOA)
Line of Authority (LOA)

Line of Authority (LOA) requirements for agents selling marketplace plans

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Line of Authority, otherwise known as LOA, refers to the general types of insurance you are permitted to sell. Agents are often required to have a valid health-related LOA in all states of licensure to sell Marketplace plans.

State requirements for LOAs can vary; some states also require agents to have at least one appointment with a carrier in their resident state in order to obtain an LOA. The full list of state LOA requirements can be found here.

Lines of Authority often group similar types of insurances together resulting in six common LOAs:

  • Life

  • Accident and health or sickness

  • Property

  • Casualty

  • Variable life and variable annuity

  • Personal lines

Each state Department of Insurance (DOI) determines the requirements for agents and brokers in their specific state. If you are unsure whether you have a valid health-related LOA in a state you’re licensed within, you can reach out to the respective state’s DOI authority to inquire.

CMS validates the status of an agent's or broker’s licensure through the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) on a weekly basis. Specifically, licensure validation is determined by checking license status and the presence of a valid health line of authority (LOA) in their state of residence. CMS also checks for valid LOA in cross-licensed states where agents submit applications throughout the year, and may terminate agents who write business without a valid LOA.

Agents and brokers who do not have an approved health-related LOA in a state where they write business, as determined by the state DOI(s), will lose access to CMS Marketplace systems and will not be able to assist consumers with Marketplace activities.

Here are some resources to help you check the status of your NPN:


Do I need an LOA in my resident state only or in all states where I’m licensed?

You must meet LOAs requirements in all states you are licensed.

Does this apply if I am simply searching for a customer on the marketplace?

Yes. You must meet LOAs requirements in all states you are licensed even at the initial search stage of the application.

I’m already appointed with a carrier in my resident state, but I don’t see the correct LOA listed in NIPR. What do I do?

You will want to contact the FFM Producer Assister Desk with proof of appointment at

Additional Resources

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