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Let your agents use other NPNs from your agency

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How do NPN overrides work?

The NPN overrides feature lets agency accounts choose EDE-enabled agents from their immediate downline (including the agency admin themselves) and make them an "override agent."

Every agent in the agency can then select from a list of override NPNs at the end of the application. Whichever NPN they choose will be applied to that application.

This feature can only be turned on by an agency account. Learn how to switch your account to an agency account here.

Who should use NPN overrides?

This new feature is most useful for agencies that have their direct downline write with a principal NPN. It's also a good fit for call centers staffed by licensed agents.

Who are NPN overrides not for?

NPN overrides are not a workaround for unlicensed individuals or "fronters" to enroll on HealthSherpa. All HealthSherpa account holders need to be licensed agents. This functionality helps agents apply an NPN other than their own while also ensuring licensed agents are not sharing HealthSherpa login credentials, and that HealthSherpa and the Marketplace (CMS) know who was logged in and who the resulting writing agent was. NPN overrides are not available for Off-Exchange enrollments.

How do I set up NPN overrides?

First, login to your agency account and navigate to the Agency page from the left-hand navigation. This page is broken up into sub-tabs that you will see along the top. Click the tab titled "NPN override."

Scroll down to the section titled "My override NPNs." Here, you will find a table with all of the NPNs available as overrides to your agents and downline agencies. You can add a new one by clicking the button "Add override NPN." This will trigger a modal, allowing you to select from the agents' NPNs in your agency. If you add an override NPN by mistake, you can remove it by clicking the "delete" button on the right-hand side of the table.

How do my downline agents use the NPN override?

When you add an override NPN, agents within your agency will see a new dropdown at the end of every application. This will contain a list of the writing agent's own NPN, along with the override NPNs you have added.

Regardless of which NPN is selected, these clients will still show up in the writing agent’s client tab.

How to restrict downline agents to using ONLY the override NPN(s)

To restrict your downline agents to using ONLY the override NPN(s), and NOT their own NPN, navigate to the NPN tab of the Agency page. Here you will find a setting that controls whether your agents can use their own NPNs.

How does NPN overrides work with referrals?

After you set override NPNs, agents will still be able to refer applications as they normally would, but with the added option to select one of your override NPNs rather than referring.

When an agent selects an override NPN, it always means that the application will not be counted as a referral.

How can I reconcile and confirm that the correct NPN was used?

In the export report, the agent name and NPN will display next to the respective application. This is based on the NPN at the time of submission. It does not reflect the AOR data on the client profile which is more up-to-date.

How does double redirect work with NPN override?

The same way—when agents are returned to HealthSherpa from, they will see the same override NPN dropdown with the same NPN options. That will take precedence over any prior NPN entered on

Can agents quote and enroll in states that they are not licensed in? What if the principal NPN is licensed in many states, and the agents are only licensed in a portion of those?

If a writing agent (the one helping the client through their HealthSherpa agent account) is not licensed in a particular state, they will only be able to quote. The agent will not be able to complete the application for the client even if the principal NPN is licensed in that state.

How do I migrate to NPN override if my call center currently uses a unique, agent specific FFM but a principal NPN in each account?

  • Each agent account should be updated with the writing agent’s FFM username and NPN. Once the NPN is reset, the agent will need to enable Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE) again. Your agents can find directions for turning on EDE here.

  • Once the account is EDE enabled, applications written before the NPN update will continue to be serviced via EDE sync.

If a client self-enrolls, will the agent or the principal NPN be applied?

  • Clients who self-enroll through a direct link will be written under the NPN associated with the account. If you use a principal NPN model, then downline agents should send clients the direct link to the principal’s account, and shouldn’t use the direct link from their own account.

  • Any direct links that have been shared in the past from downline agent accounts will be written with the NPNs associated with the downline agent account, not the principal NPN.

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