If you are an administrator or the owner of an agency, you can create an agency. Each agency account only gets one admin, so make sure you are that person before you create the agency.

Once your agency is created, a JOIN code will be generated. You can share this code with other agents who are part of your agency and they will appear on the Agency tab on your dashboard. Your agency join code is  a 4 digit agency code. Agents also have an option to share the agency’s join code by going to agency tab and clicking the invite button. These agents will receive the email with the code and be prompted to enter upon signing up. Once they are signed up, they will appear on your agency page within your agency account.  The agency is simply a way to associate sub agents in the same group. Only the agency admin has the ability to look at the enrollments of the sub agents.

The agency admin has the ability to view the book of business of subagents in the agency setup and to export that book of bus. into a csv / excel file. If you wish to adjust or change something as an agency, you'll have to update this in every agent account there is under the agency setup.

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