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Welcome to the HealthSherpa for Agents: Resource Guide. If you want to get the most out of your HealthSherpa for Agents account then you’re in the right place. This guide is one of the best ways to learn more about the tools, training and support available to you. We recommend bookmarking this page for future reference.

Here’s everything that’s included in this guide — you can also click on a topic below to jump to that section:

HealthSherpa for Agents Overview

At HealthSherpa our goal is to provide you with the right tools and resources so you can easily manage and grow your ACA business.

With a free HealthSherpa for Agents account you can:

  • Get fast, accurate quoting with subsidy estimation

  • Compare plans from all carriers in your area

  • Use our redesigned application, now faster than ever

  • Keep all of your ACA clients and leads in one organized place

  • Easily pull existing applications from

  • Utilize your own branded website where clients can self-enroll

  • Plus more!

We also have been the largest ACA enrollment platform since 2013:

  • 45,000+ agents

  • 4,800+ agencies

  • 15+ million enrollments

  • $71 billion in premiums

We recommend checking out these additional resources to get the most out of your HealthSherpa for Agents account:

Creating a New Account

Creating a HealthSherpa for Agents account is fast and easy. Most agents are able to go through this process in 3-4 minutes. Here’s how:

  • Step 2: Click on the blue “Start Enrolling Faster” button

  • Step 3: Enter your email address and password — and then click “sign up” (this email address will be your HealthSherpa login)

  • Step 4: Enter your name, company/agency name, preferred phone number, and select how you heard about us

  • Step 5: Select the type of account you would like to open:

    • “Create a solo agent account”

      • Independent agents (not part of any upline)

    • “Create a new agency account”

      • FMOs, GAs, MGAs or an agent with downline agents

    • “Join an existing agency”

      • An agent account linking up to an upline agency (requires agency’s join code)

  • Step 6: Choose each state and carrier you are licensed and appointed with as an agent (not at the agency level)

  • Step 7: Turn on the referral program — this is a great opportunity to get paid for ACA enrollments when you don’t have a contract with a specific carrier

  • Step 8: Enter your FFM Username (also known as your CMS portal login) and provide your individual NPN, not the agency’s

  • Step 9: Go through the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) check (this must be authorized to finalize and open your account)

  • Step 10: Congratulations!! You’ve created a new HealthSherpa account!

Navigating Your Dashboard

Your HealthSherpa for Agents dashboard will make managing your ACA business easier and more efficient!

Inside your dashboard you can:

  • Enroll clients in ACA coverage, submit follow-ups, and track status

  • Access our redesigned application, optimized for speed

  • Utilize your own branded website where clients can self-enroll

  • Create a referrals account and get paid for every conversion

  • Quickly pull existing applications from

  • Report life changes and update client information

  • Manage your leads in one organized place

Enhanced Direct Enrollment

Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE) is a new and exciting technology that allows HealthSherpa to fully integrate with

That means you can process applications, submit follow-ups, and track status without ever leaving HealthSherpa — so managing your ACA business is easier and more streamlined.

Here’s how to turn on EDE:

  • Enter your contact information on the “verify your identity” page and click "continue"

  • This will then pull up the ID proofing questions based on personal credit history through Experian, a partner of CMS

  • Please note: These questions are pulled from your personal information, so please answer with your own info (not relating to your business)

  • Upon successful ID proofing, you will be taken back to your dashboard and the "Enable EDE" button will be gone!

  • Once you’re EDE approved, you can do all of the following directly on HealthSherpa:

    • Shop for plans and submit applications

    • Upload documents and easily see required follow ups

    • Make binder payments

    • Renew plans with a pre-filled application

    • Report life changes

    • Download eligibility letters and 1095-A tax forms

    • Plus more!

FFM Account Integration

CMS requires agents and brokers to authenticate their accounts if they want to use Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE). Once you authenticate your account you can use your HealthSherpa for Agents account as usual and there will be no impact to your enrollments.

If you do not complete this authentication, you will not be able to use the EDE features of your HealthSherpa account. This includes major features such as the following:

  • Submission of EDE applications and enrollments

  • EDE application updates and cancellations

  • Follow-up document submissions for an existing EDE application

  • Search and Claim

  • Eligibility notice review and download

Luckily, this is a quick and easy process to complete. Here’s how:

  • This will launch the “CMS Okta Identity Management” portal in a new window

  • Log in using your FFM username and password to authenticate and link your HealthSherpa account

  • Once your account is integrated, you will see a green check indicating your successful account integration the next time you log into HealthSherpa

You will need to complete this authentication process every 30 days to remain in compliance with CMS requirements. To see your re-authentication date, review the FFM Account Integration settings in your Agent Dashboard. To extend your authentication, click "extend my integration now".

If you run into problems connecting your accounts, double check that one of these issues isn’t the cause:

  • Make sure you’re typing everything correctly: Entering incorrect or mistyped CMS account username or password (e.g. forgetting to include dots (.) or characters) will cause your account authentication to fail.

  • Ensure you have completed FFM Plan Year training: if you haven’t completed this CMS required training, your account authentication will fail. You can check your status on the AB Registration Completion List.

  • Ensure your NPN is not banned: You can check your status on the AB Suspension and Termination List.

Check your status on the CMS portal: If you have one or more invalid statuses visible on your CMS portal, your account authentication will fail. You can check your status at Agent and Broker Marketplace Registration Status.

Shopping & Enrollment Tools

With your HealthSherpa for Agents account you get access to powerful shopping and enrollment tools so you can:

  • Easily filter, compare, and share plans with your clients

  • Access fast, accurate quoting with subsidy estimation

  • Quickly search for providers and prescriptions

  • Find plans from all carriers in your area

  • Access pre-filled renewal applications

  • Plus more

To start the shopping and enrollment process all you have to do is click on the “Quote” button on the top of your dashboard!

Fast & Optimized Application

HealthSherpa is fully integrated with through Enhanced Direct Enrollment. That means, once you get EDE approved you can process applications, submit follow-ups, and track status without ever leaving HealthSherpa.

Here’s why agents love our optimized application, designed for speed:

  • Every application is synced with

  • Completing our app is faster than ever (9 minutes on average)

  • All renewal applications are pre-filled

  • Clients never have to log into

Easy Renewal Process

On HealthSherpa the renewal process is quick and easy, saving you time to focus on other parts of your business.

Here’s how it works:

  • Search for your client and click on the "Renew" button to the right of their name

  • From there, the application will automatically get pre-filled

  • Go through the app and make any updates that are needed

  • Choose a plan and submit the renewal

Client & Lead Management

Being able to easily manage, track, and follow up with your clients or leads is important. It will help you stay organized, work more efficiently, and most importantly grow your business.

That’s why we have spent so much time creating client and lead management tools inside your HealthSherpa for Agents account.

Here are a few helpful features you can start using today:

  • Resume an application in just one click

  • Filter your clients or leads to see where they are in the enrollment process

  • Import new clients or leads to your HealthSherpa for Agents account

  • Add notes to each client or lead to keep track of important information

  • Easily pull existing applications from the Marketplace

  • View follow-up items & plan details

  • View and submit Marketplace documents

  • Plus more!

Branded Enrollment Website

With a HealthSherpa for Agents account, you get access to your own branded enrollment website where your clients can easily search for and self-enroll in ACA health coverage.

Here’s how it work:

Here’s why we love this feature:

  • It gives your clients the opportunity to self-enroll

  • It gives you more time to focus on other parts of your business

  • It’s a great tool for marketing and promotion

  • You can easily track and follow up with leads

Click here to learn more about the branded enrollment website and how to use your direct marketing link.

Post Enrollment Tools

Now with Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE), you’re able to easily maintain applications directly from HealthSherpa. After you have completed an enrollment, here’s what you can do inside your dashboard:

  • Make binder payments

  • Upload follow-up documents

  • Track the status of documents

  • Report life changes

  • See application history

  • Update applications

  • Change plans

Agent Support Team

With a HealthSherpa for Agents account you get access to our Agent Support Team year-round. If you have any questions, issues or want to share feedback, you can reach out to us by phone, chat or email:

  • Phone: (888) 684-1373

  • Chat: you can chat with us directly from your dashboard by clicking on the chat icon in the bottom right corner

Referral Program

Our referral program is a simple way to help your clients get ACA health coverage while you get paid for every enrollment.

Here’s how it works:

  • Log into your HealthSherpa for Agents account

  • Select the "Bonuses" tab and turn the referrals setting to "On."

  • Under your “Carrier” settings, choose which carriers you would like to refer

  • Submit enrollments and track your referrals

  • Earn up to $200 for every OEP referral and $50 for SEP referrals.

After you submit your first referral, you will be prompted to set up payments and a W-9 on your "Referrals" page. You can submit a W-9 by selecting “Submit W-9” within the “Bonuses” tab.

It’s also important to know that HealthSherpa’s only focus is ACA/Marketplace enrollments so you can continue working with your clients for any other products outside of ACA. Plus, you can always renew these clients under your AOR (Agent of Record) the following year.

Our referral program is a great opportunity whenever you don’t have a contract with a specific carrier.

Also, if you’re licensed but not FFM certified you can create a referral account here.

Thank You!

Thank you for visiting the HealthSherpa for Agents: Resource Guide. If you have any additional questions please reach out to our Agent Support Team at (888) 684-1373 or email us at

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