Refer applications, get paid $50!

We pay referral bonuses for any carrier you want to refer!

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Get paid faster! Refer an application using our Referrals Program to earn a cash bonus and get paid approximately 60 days after enrollment.

What is the Referral Program? Program details.

The HealthSherpa Referrals Program allows agents to enroll their clients in the right health plan to meet their needs. In states you are licensed within, you can write the policy for your client and HealthSherpa becomes the Agent of Record (AOR). During SEP you can earn a referral bonus of $50 for each client you refer to HealthSherpa.

How to participate

1. Sign Up

Sign up from the Bonuses page of your HealthSherpa for Agents account and choose the carriers to which you want to refer. Any policies you write for your chosen referral carriers will be automatically referred to HealthSherpa and our NPN will be applied.

Go to the Bonuses page, and set Referrals to "On.”

A pop-up will appear. Read through it and click “I accept.”

You remain responsible for complying with all applicable state insurance laws regarding licensure and appointment. The Referrals Program may not be used to circumvent state laws that require you to be appointed with a carrier in order to discuss that carrier’s plans with a consumer.

When referring an application, you also remain responsible for complying with all CMS consent regulations. Learn more about managing consent here.

2. Select which Carriers you'd like to refer

Go to your Carrier Settings and add the States you are licensed within. Once you have added your licensed states, select which Carriers you’re appointed with, and which Carriers you'd like to Refer.

  • If the Refer box is checked for a Carrier in a given state, then policies written for that Carrier in the specified state will be referred.

  • If the Refer box is not checked for a carrier in a given state, then policies written for that Carrier in the specified state will use your NPN (or Override NPN if applicable).

Note: If BOTH the Appointed and the Refer boxes are checked for a Carrier, applications for that carrier will be referred.

ℹ️ Tip: Be sure to keep your Carrier Settings updated throughout the year (i.e. if you experience appointment updates, get licensed in a new state, or a new Carrier enters the market).

3. Submit enrollments with Carriers you've chosen to refer

Any enrollments you submit with the Carriers you've chosen to refer will have a HealthSherpa representative's NPN applied. Enrolling a Referral works exactly the same as normal enrollments – you will just see one extra screen at the end that asks you to confirm that you'd like to refer the enrollment.

Given HealthSherpa will be AOR on the policy, if you ever need assistance contacting the carrier on behalf of the customer, simply reach out to our Agent Support team with the client and we can assist as needed.

4. Track the Referral

Once enrolled, the Client will appear on your Bonuses page so that you may track your bonus payments earned. The Client will also appear on your Clients page just as your non-Referral customers do.

HealthSherpa requires consent uploads on all referral submissions. We cannot process referral bonus payments on submissions without a document uploaded that authorizes consent to work with a consumer.

Agents can go to the Bonuses page in HealthSherpa to see which apps require this. Under Referrals scroll down to see a list of all of your submitted referrals. Any referrals marked as Awaiting Consent Upload or Pending agent review require a consent upload before payment can be released. Learn more about uploading consent here.

5. Get paid

During SEP you can earn a referral bonus of $50 for each client you refer to HealthSherpa. HealthSherpa pays you 60 days after enrollment.

After you've submitted your first Referral, you'll be prompted to submit a W-9 and set up a payment method (if you haven't submitted a W-9 already). You can choose to get paid through via direct deposit, or by check.

ℹ️ For much more detail about getting paid, see the article: Referrals & Bonuses: Getting Paid

Why Should You Sign Up?

Signing up for the Referrals Program gives you the option to enroll and service more clients and get paid faster. In addition to connecting your clients to quality affordable plans, you’ll also earn a referral bonus and have the option to take over as AOR the following year. This means you get to keep your client and potentially earn commission on their renewal.

In addition, because HealthSherpa is the AOR on referred policies, we provide full support should you ever need to contact the carrier on behalf of your client.

To Learn More

Full details are available in our Referrals Program FAQ. You can also contact HealthSherpa Agent Support at 1 (888) 684-1373 or

*Full terms and conditions for payment are set forth in your Joint Marketing Agreement with HealthSherpa.

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