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How to create a HealthSherpa for Agents account
How to create a HealthSherpa for Agents account

This article walks through the account creation process, which agents need to go through in order to use HealthSherpa for ACA enrollments.

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You can create a free HealthSherpa for Agents account by following the steps below. We recommend that you input accurate and complete information for all of these steps. If you make a mistake, you can update your information later by visiting Settings in your account.

You can reach out to Agent Support at any point for assistance.

Here is a video that walks you through the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Create your account

When you are ready to create a HealthSherpa Agent account, you can begin the signup process by clicking this link.

Enter the email address you want associated with your HealthSherpa account as well as a secure password.

Our platform will send important information to the email address provided, so please use a professional email that you check often.

The first step in the account creation process.

Step 2: Enter basic personal information

On the next screen, you will enter some basic information and share where you first heard about HealthSherpa.

We recommend inputting your name and Company Name with proper capitalization (e.g. Alex Smith).

If you are not part of a Company, you can just write your name again.

Inputting basic information during the account creation process

Step 3: Select your account type

Select the option that best describes you and your ACA business. If you are an independent agent, pick the first option.

Deciding on an account type during the account creation process

If you are part of an agency and select the 'Join an existing agency' option, you will see the following page where you will input the join code for your agency.

Adding an agency join code during the account creation process

If you do not know the join code for your agency, we recommend that you check in with leadership at your company before moving on in the account creation process. It is also possible to create a solo account and add your agency's join code in the 'Settings' page later to link up with your agency.

Step 4: Input your Carrier appointments

In this step, you will input all of the Carriers with which you are contracted. It is very important that this is correct and updated at all times.

You can do this by updating your Carrier settings anytime through your account. Click here for directions.

Input carrier appointments during the account creation process

Step 5: Decide if our Referral Program makes sense for your business

With HealthSherpa, you have the option to refer applications to us for a referral bonus. If you decide to opt into the program, a popup detailing our Joint Marketing Agreement will appear.

If you decide to join the Referral Program, you will be able to set which carriers you’d like to refer. Keeping the carrier list in your account updated is very important because it determines whether an application is submitted as a referral. Fee amounts will vary, depending on region and carrier. For more details, read more here.

The HealthSherpa Referral Program

Step 6: Enter your FFM username and NPN

All agents who want to use a HealthSherpa Agent account for ACA enrollments must be FFM certified. In this step, be sure to provide accurate information.

The NPN you share in this step will be attached to all applications you submit through HealthSherpa, so be sure to provide accurate information. If you do need to change this later, you can do so in the ‘Settings’ tab of your account.

Final step in account creation process asking for FFM and NPN

That’s it! You will then be directed to your client dashboard. Review our Getting Started Guide to get instructions on how to use all functions on the HealthSherpa Dashboard.

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