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Setting up an agency on HealthSherpa

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New! You can now have multiple Admins per agency. Read on for details.

An "Agency" in HealthSherpa terms is simply a way to group various HealthSherpa accounts together, with certain accessibility and settings connecting them.

Creating an agency account

Any HealthSherpa account can become an Agency Account. You can select "Agency Account" while signing up for your account, or you can convert your account to an Agency Account on your Settings page anytime. Here's how that looks:

Inviting agents to your agency

Once you have an Agency Account, you can invite agents. Each writing agent accessing HS should be using their own FFM Username and NPN, and under no circumstances may agents share credentials.

To join your agency, an agent needs just needs to add your Agency Join Code to their account, either while they're signing up for their account, or afterwards on their Settings page. Once they add the join code, they'll appear as a downline agent in your Agency tab.

You'll see your join code on the Invite Widget – just click "Invite Agents" from your Agency Page. You can use the Invite Widget to email agents a link to join, or you can just share that code with any agents you want to invite to your downline. The upside to using our Invite Widget is that when agents click the link to sign up, the join code will be automatically added, and you'll also be able to see which invited agents have not yet joined.

Viewing downline agent accounts

When an agent uses your join code to join your agency, they'll appear on your Agency tab, like this:


If an Agency Account joins your downline by adding your join code, they will become a sub-agency. You'll have the same visibility into sub-agencies as you do with your regular downline agents. All agency settings, such as NPN Overrides, Shared Book, and Export settings do not affect sub-agencies – they apply on a per-agency basis.

Types of agency Admins

As the creator of the agency, you will become the Primary Admin of the the agency account. The Primary Admin can make any other downline account an Admin account.

Admins have the ability to:

  • Access the Agency page

  • Access downline agents' accounts

  • Export Clients and Leads across the agency

  • If NPN Overrides are set, control whether downline agents can use their own NPN

  • Set whether downline agents can export

  • Set which agents are part of the Shared Book

Primary Admins have the ability to do all of the above, plus:

  • Promote / demote accounts to an Admin role

  • Join an upline agency

Agency exports

Admins can use the Export feature on the Agency page to get detailed application info across their entire downline. This .csv file contains dozens of fields so you can do detailed agency reporting. Learn much more about exports over on this blog post.

Shared Book

Admins can pick agents to add to a Shared Book, which means those agents will see all of each other's Clients and Leads, will full access to effectuate, service, renew, etc. This is great for call centers. Learn much more here.


Contact HealthSherpa Agent support at or (888) 684-1373

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