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"At-risk Clients" reminder email
"At-risk Clients" reminder email

Get alerted to your clients post-enrollment deadlines.

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This weekly email ensures that you never miss your clients' deadlines for Binder Payments or Follow-up Documents.


Every Tuesday, we'll send you an email displaying any clients who have either an unresolved Binder Payment or an unresolved Follow-up Document, so that you can help ensure they get their coverage and subsidy secured.

Here's an example of what this email will look like:

How it works

This email will display all clients who meet this criteria:

This email will send every Tuesday (if you have clients that meet the criteria).

Clients listed will be sorted by soonest deadline first.

If there are more than 10 clients who meet the criteria, we'll just list 10, with a link to view all at-risk clients over on your Dashboard:

A note about Binder Payment statuses

Due to CMS's API limits, the Binder Payment statuses in HealthSherpa only reflect the latest status from CMS when you either:

  1. Click a "Refresh" link on the Client List page (this)

  2. View a Client Details page (this)

On top of that, a Carrier can take a few days to update CMS after receiving a payment. So there's a possibility that this reminder email will show you clients who have already paid. The emails shows the "Status last refreshed" date in the email, so that it's clear exactly how recently it's been updated. If you see a date that hasn't been updated recently, use one of the 2 methods described above to get the latest status from CMS.


If you don't want to receive this email, you can turn it off on your Settings page:

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