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Email notifications for follow-up document changes
Email notifications for follow-up document changes

This daily email makes it easier to see which clients need follow up documents submitted.

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As an ACA agent, you know the work doesn’t end once you complete your client’s application. To make management of post-enrollment follow up documents easier, your HealthSherpa account can send you an email that sends if there are any document status changes for your clients.

This article covers what you need to know about this feature, including:

What are follow up documents?

After some enrollments, your client’s eligibility letter may include a list of additional documentation needed to be able to fully enroll in ACA coverage. There are two main circumstances that require follow up documents:

  • Data Matching Issues (DMIs) happen when information on your client’s application does not match information the Marketplace receives from other trusted data sources.

  • SEP Verification Issues (SVIs) happen when your client enrolls during the Special Enrollment Period (SEP) and needs to submit documents to confirm their eligibility.

For both DMIs and SVIs, you or your client need to submit documents to the Marketplace to confirm their application information within 30 days of when they choose a plan. If these documents are not submitted to the Marketplace, your client could lose their premium tax credits and even the plan entirely.

How HealthSherpa’s status update email works

This is email will send at 1:00AM EST and includes all the follow up document status changes for your clients in HealthSherpa. In other words, your client’s application needs to be submitted through the HealthSherpa platform for their document status changes to appear in this email.

The image below is an example of the summary information you will receive by email.

Example of follow up notification table

Some important things to note:

  • If one client needs 2+ documents, the table will have a distinct row for each follow-up.

  • The ‘Status update’ column will display the following options:

    • Action needed: a new follow-up document is required

    • Insufficient documentation: an uploaded follow-up document was not accepted by the Marketplace

    • Processing: a follow-up document was uploaded and is being reviewed by the Marketplace

    • Expired: a follow-up document was not submitted in time

    • Completed: an uploaded follow-up document was accepted by the Marketplace

  • To view full details on any of these follow-ups, you can click the client’s hyperlinked name, which will take you to the Marketplace Notices section of the Client profile.

  • This table is not a running list — the email only includes information on client statuses that have changed within the last 24 hours.

How to turn these emails off

If you do not want to receive these emails, you can visit your Settings page and turn them off. You’ll always be able to turn them back on from this location as well.

Turn follow up document notification emails off using this toggle in your Settings page.

How to resolve follow up documents

There are many ways to upload follow up documents and resolve DMIs and SVIs.

  1. You can upload follow-up documents directly from your HealthSherpa agent account. Find directions on how to do this here.

  2. Your clients can upload documents directly from their own HealthSherpa account. They stay linked to your Agent account, and you can find more information on this option here.

  3. As a final option, your client can upload documents directly to the Federal Marketplace. If you choose this option, your client will need to go into their account to do this, and as an agent, you will not be able to track their document statuses in your HealthSherpa account.

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