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The easy way for clients to self-serve

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Every client that's enrolled through HealthSherpa receives their own dashboard where they can:

  • View their plan details & application history

  • Report changes on their application

  • Upload follow-up documents

  • Make binder payments

  • View notices from the Marketplace

It's all in sync

For agents, the client dashboard is a win-win post-enrollment—clients can self-serve and anything they do is synced to your dashboard too. As an example, if your client uploads follow-up documents on their Consumer Dashboard, you'll see that it's been uploaded when you pull up their Client Profile on your Agent Dash. The same applies if you're doing the uploaded—the client sees that in their Dash. It's all in sync.

It's all your brand

Throughout the entire Consumer Dashboard experience, your logo appears, and your contact info—not ours.

How clients create their dashboard

Once an application is submitted, your client will receive an email with the subject line: Access your health insurance account.

This email will contain your contact information, not HealthSherpa’s.

If your client clicks the button in this email, they will be able to access their account. Agents typically describe this to their clients as a Marketplace account which stays constant year over year, even if they change ACA plans.

Here's what it looks like:

When they log in, they will see a To Do list, indicating whether they need to make a payment or upload a document.

If they scroll down, they can view their plan details and application history. They can report changes to their application by clicking the blue "Update" button.

By clicking "Pay" on their To Do list, they will be linked over to the carrier payment page where they can make their binder payment.


By clicking "Verify" they will go to this page where they can upload their documents.

Note: Your logo & phone number will be listed throughout the client's dashboard.

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