Uploading Follow-up Documents

Submit & track follow-up documents right from HealthSherpa

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You can upload and track follow-up documents for your client right from your dashboard.

Getting follow-up documents uploaded on time ensures your client keeps their subsidy and/or coverage.

How it works

1. See who needs Documents uploaded

You can get an initial view of document statuses by looking at your Clients List. Use the Documents filter to see all clients with a particular Document status. This is a great to find out which clients have not yet completed the process – just filter to Action Needed and/or Insufficient Documents.

2. See document & deadline details

To view a client's document details, go to their Client Profile page (by clicking on their name or on the View button).

Under the client's follow up list, you'll see any follow-ups required, who they're required for, and the deadline. Click on the Verify button to upload docs.

3. Upload docs

Select the document type, find the file on your computer, and upload.

4. Track their status

There are several statuses you might see for each follow-up:

This means you need to upload a document:

This means the document you uploaded is awaiting review by HealthCare.gov

This means the last document you uploaded was determined by HealthCare.gov to be insufficient. (You can view your client's Marketplace Notices to find out exactly why.)

This means your document has been approved!

This means the deadline to get the document approved has passed.

You can have your clients upload their own docs.

Your clients can also log into their own HealthSherpa dashboard to upload documents independently – to see how, click here.

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