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Viewing your clients' Marketplace Notices
Viewing your clients' Marketplace Notices

See all notices your client receives from

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As an ACA agent, you know there are several notices the Marketplace sends to your client with regards to their eligibility, 1095 A, and follow-ups.

Using doesn't give agents access to their clients' notices – but with HealthSherpa, you can easily view them directly from every Client Profile that has EDE enabled.

Here are all the types of notices you'll be able to see here:

Eligibility Determination Results notice
This shows the official subsidy result, and the official eligibility determination.

Follow-ups notices

  • Followups Required to Enroll

  • Followup Documentation Insufficient

  • Followup Resolved

  • Followup Deadline Passed

  • Followup Escalated

(When a Follow-up document changes status e.g. new, insufficient, complete, expired), you’ll get a Marketplace notice containing all the details of the status change.)

1095 notices

  • IRS 1095 A Initial Form

  • IRS 1095 A Corrected Form

  • IRS 1095 A Voided Form

And more

  • Consumer Confirmation Message

  • Marketplace Open Enrollment Reminder

  • Message from Marketplace Eligibility Support

  • Data Sources Down

  • Inbound Account Transfer

  • Outbound Response Account Transfer

  • Failure to Reconcile Taxes

  • Failure to Reconcile Taxes Final Notice

  • Periodic Data Matching Initial Notification

  • Periodic Data Matching Final Notification


Where are you getting these notices?

HealthSherpa has the fullest integration possible with the Marketplace. The links on your client profiles point straight to copies of the notices from CMS.

How far back will notices go?

With HealthSherpa, you can access two years of notices for EDE-enabled applications. For example, if an agent worked on a client’s application for PY 2021 and 2022, they’d see both years worth of notices. If this agent works with the same client for PY 2023, all notices for PY 2021 will drop off from the agent dashboard.

How are the notices organized?

The notices for your client will appear from newest to oldest.

Will these Notices include emails my client receives from the Marketplace?

No, emails are separate from Notices.

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