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Follow-up document reminders for clients
Follow-up document reminders for clients

Help your clients stay on top of DMI & SVI deadlines

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This email notification feature ensures that your clients never miss a follow-up document deadline.

What are follow-up documents?

Anytime you enroll a client, it's possible they'll need to upload a follow-up document due to a DMI (i.e. proof of income). When you enroll a client during SEP, they will often need to upload a follow-up document due to an SVI (i.e. proof of loss of coverage). You'll see these follow-ups noted throughout your agent dashboard.

What happens if documents don't get uploaded?

  • DMI follow-ups must be uploaded within 90 days of enrollment. If the deadline is missed, the client can lose some or all of their subsidy – or in some cases, lose coverage entirely.

  • SVI follow-ups must be uploaded within 30 days. If the deadline is missed, the client will lose their coverage entirely.

How this feature works

The email itself

If you have this feature turned on, then any clients who meet the criteria below will receive an email 15, 5, and 1 days before their follow-up deadline.


  • Their application is active (not cancelled or terminated), and

  • They have 1 or more follow-up documents in either of these 2 statuses:

    • "Action needed" (no document has been uploaded)

    • "Insufficient docs" (the document uploaded was rejected)

Here's the content of the email. The bulleted list contains any follow-up that's in an "Action needed" or "Insufficient docs" status. Text in [brackets] indicates content specific to that client/application.

The signature, shown in the example above as "Jose Gomez," will match your account's info (unless your agency overrides it—more on that below).

The agent-level setting

If you want, you can turn this email off or on by going to your Settings page and looking for this setting:

The agency-level setting

If you aren't in an agency hierarchy on HealthSherpa, this doesn't apply to you.

If you are a Primary Admin or Admin on an agency account, there are 2 ways you can control this email across your downline.

1. Control whether this feature is On or Off

You can set whether this email is On or Off across your downline – or leave it up to each individual agent. Look for this section of your Settings page:

If you select "Enable" or "Disable," your downline agents will see a message on their setting indicating that their agency admin has overridden their setting.

2. Control the email signature

Some agencies may want to control the email signature used for this feature – for example, to direct all calls or emails to DMI/SVI follow-up specialist department.

To do this, go to the Agency setting for this email, and click the "View or edit email" link. This will open a pop-up where you can click to edit the signature. Any edits you make will apply to this particular follow-ups email across your entire downline.

In the custom email signature, you can use these text fields to add custom text:

  • [agent_name]


  • [agency_phone]


If you include any of those (with the brackets), it will populate information that's custom to the agent that the client enrolled with.

Any questions? Talk to Agent Support at (888) 684-1373 or

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