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Grant agents full access to agency-wide clients and leads

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This feature is controlled by agency accounts

The Full Book feature is similar to the Shared Book feature in that it lets your agents access each other's books.

Here's the difference:

  • Shared Book gives selected agents access to the books of other agents who are in Shared Book.

  • Full Book gives selected agents access to your entire agency-wide book.

For example, let's say your agency has 26 agents, let's call them agents A through Z. If you give Shared Book access to Agents A, B, and C, they'll all see Clients & Leads from Agents A, B, and C. If you give Full Book access to Agents A, B, and C, they'll all see Clients & Leads from Agents A through Z.

The Full Book feature can be useful for anyone who wants access to view and modify every Client and Lead. Depending on your Agency setup, that may mean only the agency owner, only managers, every agent, or anywhere in between.


  • Select which agents you'd like to add to Full Book

  • Those agents will see the entire agency's Clients and Leads in their dashboard.

  • To avoid unwanted Agent of Record changes, they'll have the ability to keep the last NPN used on the application.

Selecting agents for Full Book

As an Agency Admin, you can select which agents you want in your Full Book. For example, you may want to add only your managers, or you may want to add your entire downline. To select Full Book agents, just go to the Agency page and check the boxes under the "Full Book" column.

  • You can select any agent in your direct downline (not sub-agencies) who have enabled EDE.

  • You'll probably want to select your own account too.

  • Any agents selected will have access to the entire agency's clients and leads.

  • Any agents who are not selected will have the regular account experience, seeing only their own clients and leads.

Full Book capabilities

Agents who you add to Full Book will get these updated capabilities:

Access to the clients & leads of every agent in your agency

Agents added to Full Book will see not only their own clients and leads, but the clients and leads of all other agents in the agency when they have the toggle set to 'Agency' like the image below. They can work these clients and leads exactly as if they were their own – change plans, edit the application, upload payment or documents, etc.

They will also have a filter to see only their own clients:

Note: the first time you try to view an application for a client that isn't your own, you'll be asked to attest to having that client's permission.

Note: when we refer to an agent's "own" client, that refers to those applications originally created by the agent. By "originally created" the application, we mean: brought that copy of that application into the HealthSherpa system (either by writing it new or by claiming it from the Marketplace). On each Client Profile page, you'll be able to see who this Original Agent is. Note that the Original Agent is not the same as the "Agent of Record". Agent of Record just notes which NPN is on the application.

Edit applications without updating the NPN

Agents who are helping another agent's client may want to submit updated applications without changing the NPN. For Full Book agents, if the NPN on the application is from another agent in their agency, they'll be able to keep that NPN.

For example, let's say Jose and Maria are agents in the same agency, and Jose is using Full Book. Maria submits a new application for her new client David, with her NPN. Later, David calls in to make an income change, and Jose answers. As Jose is submitting the application with updated income, he'll have the option to keep Maria's NPN on the application, like this:

Note: if you've added any NPN Overrides, you'll also see those NPNs in this list.

Make Shared Notes

At the bottom of every Client Profile or Lead Profile, there's a section where you can add notes. When you're in a Full Book, with various agents working the same clients, this can be a great way to record what each agent has done for the client.

Consumer Consent

Please note that when you attempt to access a client's application in which you are not the original agent, you'll be prompted with a screen that requires you attest to having the consumer's consent before allowing you access to the application.


What happens when an agent is removed from the Full Book?

If you decide to remove an agent from your Full Book, their account will go back to being a regular account where they only see their own clients and leads. They'll also get an email notification on their dashboard letting them know that's happened.

Will the Agency Admin be a part of the Full Book?

As the Agency Admin, you can join the Full Book just by selecting yourself on the Full Book list.

How do Referrals work in a Full Book?

Referrals work in the same way – if the agent submitting an application for a carrier they've set to refer, they'll get credited for the referral.

How does my agent know that I've added or removed them from Full Book?

When you add or remove an agent from Full Book, we'll send them an email notification to alert them.

How do Exports work with Full Book?

Agents will only be able to export their own clients, not the entire Full Book.

The Agency Admin(s) always have the ability to export across the entire agency, from their Agency tab.

If the Agency Admin has removed the ability for downline agents to export, that will still apply in a Full Book scenario.

Can and agent be in Shared Book and Full Book at the same time?

No, they'll have to be in one or the other.

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