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What is Enhanced Direct Enrollment?
What is Enhanced Direct Enrollment?
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What is Enhanced Direct Enrollment?

EDE is a CMS-approved technology. HealthSherpa was the first to implement EDE and is one of the only enrollment platforms that has this new technology.

Enhanced Direct Enrollment allows HealthSherpa to fully integrate with so you can do applications entirely on HealthSherpa without being redirected to 

How do I turn EDE on?

Before you can access the benefits of EDE, you will need to get EDE approved. You can do this in just a few minutes by clicking 'Enable EDE' from your dashboard. 

What else can I do with Enhanced Direct Enrollment?

Because we are fully integrated with, you can do all of the following directly on HealthSherpa: 

  • Get current status of application on

  • Identify required follow-ups

  • Make first payment

  • Upload documents

  • Report Life Changes

  • Renew plans (with pre-filled applications!)

  • Download eligibility results and 1095-A tax forms

  • Plus more

Can I make a previous application an EDE application?

Yes, you can! Simply click on the client's name, and if EDE is not already enabled, you will see an option to 'Enable EDE'. 

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