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There are various ways you can get paid bonuses for your enrollment activity on HealthSherpa – Broker Bonuses, Referral Bonuses, Medicare Referrals, and Associates Bonuses.

This guide outlines the process of getting paid for these bonuses, focusing on three key milestones:

  1. Completing your W-9 Form

  2. Setting up ePayment on

  3. Tracking your payment

Step 1: Fill out a W-9 Form

  • When you submit your first referral or bonus-eligible enrollment (or sign a Medicare Referrals JMA), you'll receive an email with a W-9 form to complete. We can't pay you until you complete this.

    • The email will come from Dropbox Sign / Hellosign.

  • If your agency should receive your bonus payments, then enter their information on the W-9.

  • Be sure to enter an SSN or Employer Identification Number on the W-9.

  • Once you’ve filled the required fields, press Continue to submit the W-9

Step 2: Set up a ePayments account

Soon after you submit your W-9, we’ll send you an email to set up a account. (During OEP, we send invites every weekday, and during SEP we send them every Monday.) Your account allows you to receive bonus payments directly to your bank account.

Setting up your ePayments account

  • Click the Accept Invite button in the invite email

  • Follow the account set up steps

    • Note: select “I’d like to send invoices and get paid” – not “I’d like to pay my bills”

    • Note: select “I’m a business” or “I’m an independent contractor” – not “I’m an employee"

  • When you land on the dashboard, you’re all done – bonus payments from HealthSherpa will go directly to your bank account.

What if I don't want ePayments?

  • If you don’t opt into, we’ll send paper checks to the address entered on your W-9. We don't recommend this option because checks are slower, our check service does not offer tracking, and if checks are lost, there’s a fee to reissue them.

3. Tracking payments

  • Once your W-9 is complete, bonus payments will be sent 60 days after the bonus-eligible enrollment’s submission date, in monthly batches.

  • You can track bonus payment statuses in the Bonuses tab in your HealthSherpa account.

  • You’ll be emailed an “invoice” as receipt of us sending you a bonus payment.

    • (Note: this is called an invoice, but it isn't actually an invoice or bill, it's just a record that you've been paid.)


If you have questions, please call Agent Support at 888-684-1373 or email

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