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Georgia Access for Plan Year 2025
Georgia Access for Plan Year 2025

Information for agents and brokers about the Georgia Access transition a State-based Exchange for Open Enrollment 2025

Written by Kati Chevaux
Updated over a week ago

The State of Georgia plans to transition to a State-based Exchange (SBE) for ACA enrollments for plan year 2025. Georgia’s State-based Exchange for ACA enrollments is called Georgia Access.

Georgia Access is the first SBE to bring the benefits of the EDE experience to consumers and agents, partnering with EDE entities like HealthSherpa.

More information about Georgia Access can be found on the Georgia Access website. And below are answers to common questions about the transition and the experience on HealthSherpa for Agents.

When will Georgia Access be available as an SBE?

Georgia expects to launch Georgia Access as a full SBE on November 1, 2024. A final determination is expected in August, 2024.

Can I use HealthSherpa to enroll clients in Georgia when plan year 2025 begins?

Yes. Agents will be able to enroll clients in Georgia using HealthSherpa for Agents in Plan Year 2025 as they have in previous plan years. HealthSherpa is an EDE vendor working with Georgia Access to provide direct access to Exchange shopping and enrollment.

Agents can use the same HealthSherpa for Agents account for both Marketplace enrollments and Georgia Access enrollments. Clients in Georgia will appear alongside clients in other Marketplace states.

Will I need to use a separate platform to enroll Georgia clients in plan year 2025?

Agents who currently use HealthSherpa for Agents will not need to use a separate platform to enroll clients in Georgia, and they will not need to use Georgia Access directly to shop and enroll.

Will my Georgia book of business live inside HealthSherpa for Agents?

Yes, your book of business will remain as it is currently. When you access applications for Georgia Access, you will see references to contacting Georgia Access if necessary or callouts of attestations for Georgia Access programs and agreements.

Will existing Marketplace plans be transferred to the Georgia Access SBE?

Georgia Access is working with CMS to transfer clients to the State-Based Exchange. To keep your book of business that is currently on, please visit and complete licensure and certification for PY 25 when it becomes available. Georgia Access will automatically retain clients belonging to agents who complete certification.

What training is required to write in Georgia?

Agents will be required to complete Georgia Access training to write in Georgia for plan year 2025. If agents write in Georgia as well as other Marketplace states, they will need to complete both FFM Training and Georgia Access Training.

Information about training is currently available through Georgia Access on their website.

What if I completed Georgia Access Training for plan year 2024?

Agents who completed Georgia Access Training for plan year 2024 will need to take a brief refresher training and acknowledge policy changes for new policies that are now in place. Certifications received through Georgia Access in plan year 2024 are good to go for plan year 2025.

Will non-resident agents be able to write and renew clients in Georgia when it moves to an SBE?

Georgia Access has not put restrictions on residency with their licensure and certification. If you are licensed and certified with Georgia Access, you will be able to write or renew for Georgia clients through HealthSherpa regardless of residency.

If I’m FFM certified and GA certified, am I able to write in all states?

Not necessarily. Certification required can vary by state and is often determined by the type of marketplace used in the the state:

  • View the marketplace types by state here

  • If you wish to sell in states utilizing a “State-based marketplace using the federal platform” or the “Federally-facilitated marketplace” complete your annual FFM certification.

  • If you wish to sell in states utilizing a “State-based marketplace” complete the unique certification(s) required by the respective state(s).

    • Go here to locate the state(s) you wish to sell within. Note there is a link to each state’s respective exchange in bullet three.

Additional resources and support

Agents should direct questions about enrollment, application, and policy issues to Georgia Access at

Visit for information on Georgia licensing requirements and the application process.

Visit to apply for a license, check the status of a license or application, and update contact information.

Agents who have questions about the Georgia Access experience on HealthSherpa for Agents can submit them here.

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