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FFM Certification and free CE credits for PY2024
FFM Certification and free CE credits for PY2024

Complete your 2024 Federally-facilitated Marketplace (FFM) certification and earn continuing education (CE) credits with HealthSherpa.

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HealthSherpa is committed to helping agents and brokers grow and scale their ACA business by providing tools and resources to maximize organization and efficiency. In addition to the fast, accurate quoting, simple shopping, and a full client management system available for free on HealthSherpa for Agents, we're also a CMS approved vendor for the FFM Agent and Broker Training Program.

We offer Marketplace training courses through HealthSherpa's learning management system including:

  • FFM Certification for New Agents and Brokers

  • FFM Certification for Returning Agents and Brokers

When you complete your training through HealthSherpa, you're also eligible for free continuing education units (CEUs) that qualify toward "Health Line of Authority" requirements in 41 states with additional states on their way.

Any agent or broker can take these free courses.

HealthSherpa Marketplace Agent and Broker Training courses are available for free to all agents and brokers, but are only valid for FFM certification. State-Based Marketplaces (SBMs) have their own, independent trainings and agents pursuing SBM certification will need to visit each state's web site to understand their training instructions.

How to access 2024 FFM certification and free training courses

If you’re a returning agent and ready to complete your training and earn some free CE credits at the same time, here’s what you’ll do:

  • Navigate to the MLMS within your CMS Enterprise Portal.

  • From there, you'll see an option to complete your Marketplace training with HealthSherpa.

  • Click through the HealthSherpa training option, and you'll be redirected to our site. Agents and brokers have to click through their CMS portal to our site for the training to be valid, so make sure you do this step!

  • Once you're on our site, sign up for the training and select the appropriate course.

If you are new to the Marketplace, you will need to create a CMS Enterprise Portal account and complete some steps before you can access the training. Click here for a step by step guide.

For full directions on how to complete Marketplace agent and broker registration for plan year 2024, please visit the CMS CCIIO Resources for Agents and Brokers in the Health Insurance Marketplaces.

Note: Depending on which states you wish to write in, you may need to complete state-specific marketplace certifications for those particular states:

  • View the marketplace types by state here

  • If you wish to sell in states utilizing a “State-based marketplace using the federal platform” or a “Federally-facilitated marketplace” - complete your annual FFM certification.

  • If you wish to sell in states utilizing a “State-based marketplace” - complete the unique certification(s) required by the respective state(s).

    • Go here to locate the state(s) you wish to sell within. Note there is a link to each State’s respective exchange in bullet three.

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