Quoting and Comparing Plans
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How it works:

Click “Quote” in the upper right corner. 

Input client’s zip code, age or date of birth, and household information. Their initial subsidy eligibility estimate will show up on the right. Eligibility can consist of both estimated savings and cost sharing reduction (CSR).

Estimated savings, or advance premium tax credit, refers to the amount a customer may be able to have applied to their monthly health insurance premium.

CSR is a discount applied to silver level plans that lowers deductibles and out-of-pocket costs for care and prescription drugs.

Note: *Plan results will populate after all client information is entered*

Plan results can be filtered to ensure you're finding the strongest plan to meet your client's needs. Filter by max premium or max deductible if your client has a specific budget. You can also filter by metal level and network type.

Reminder: customers must enroll in a silver level plan if they would like to take advantage of CSR eligibility

From the plan results page, you can save your quote as a lead to come back to later, email the list of available plans to your client, compare plans and share, or proceed to the application portion to enroll your client. 

To create a lead from quote, click “Save Lead”, enter the client's basic info, and they will save in your "Leads" page. 

You may share a quote with your consumer at any time by selecting the the "Share" button. 

You have the ability to share the quote directly from the pop-up window, or you may choose to copy the link to share from an alternate email.

To view a side-by-side comparison of plans, select the "Compare" checkbox on the bottom of each plan card you'd like to view. You may choose "compare x plans" to compare up to 5 plans at a time.

You may send the side-by-side comparison view to your client by selecting "Share."

You can begin an enrollment at any time directly from the quoter by clicking "Enroll" or "Enroll Now" by the desired plan.

Customers currently in the quoting or applying process can be found in the “Leads” page of your dashboard.

Customers who have chosen a plan and submitted their application will be shown in the “Clients” page.

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