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HealthSherpa for Agents: Overview

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What is HealthSherpa for Agents?

HealthSherpa is an innovative healthcare technology platform that specializes in Marketplace enrollment for agents—and it's completely free to use

Watch a short HealthSherpa for Agents overview video:

HealthSherpa Technology

With HealthSherpa you get access to a cutting edge technology called
Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE). This new technology allows HealthSherpa to integrate with your account, so that everything stays in sync.

How does HealthSherpa compare to and other platforms?

Agent-assisted enrollments: 

  • On HealthSherpa, an application takes 8 minutes on average, vs 16 minutes on

  • No client account log in required

Other interesting stats:

  • 75% of HealthSherpa applications will be pre-filled

  • With EDE, effectuation (payment made and follow-ups resolved) increases from 65% to 85%

  • For call centers using HealthSherpa, call times were reduced by 75%

What features do I get with HealthSherpa?

With the HealthSherpa platform agents can help their clients with all of their Marketplace needs without going to at all.

Do all of the following entirely on HealthSherpa: 

  • Shop and enroll for on-exchange products (during OEP & SEP)

  • Seamlessly renew Marketplace coverage with pre-filled renewal applications

  • Report life changes and update client information 

  • Track your client's real-time Marketplace status 

You can also: 

  • Make your client's first premium payment

  • Submit follow-up verification documents, and track their status

  • Download eligibility letters and 1095-A tax forms

You also get: 

  • Your own customized website

  • Provider & drug search tools

  • Granular analytics and reporting 

. . .  plus much more!


Want to refer all your ACA business to HealthSherpa, full service?

If you prefer not to write Marketplace plans, HealthSherpa can handle your enrollments for you. 

With this account, you will get a unique enrollment link and phone number to give to your clients that are interested in plans.  HealthSherpa will help your client shop and enroll for a plan. 

For each client that enrolls using your phone number or link, HealthSherpa will pay you a referral bonus. Because HealthSherpa only writes ACA, you can continue selling other insurance products to these clients!

Watch this short video to learn more about HealthSherpa's refer only account.  

Still unsure about using HealthSherpa or need help signing up? 

You can call HealthSherpa at (844) 242-1036 to talk to a HealthSherpa account specialist. 

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