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What is a HealthSherpa Premier Partner?
What is a HealthSherpa Premier Partner?
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Beginning with Plan Year 2024 Open Enrollment, HealthSherpa is offering partner carriers the opportunity to integrate payment data on the HealthSherpa platform. Carriers who provide this extra level of information are called “Premier Partners.”

Premier Partner carriers provide HealthSherpa with automated daily policy and payment statuses year-round so we can provide the same payment information you're used to accessing on their payment portals.

If your client has a policy with a Premier Partner, you will be able to provide additional services right in your HealthSherpa for Agents account.

How will agents know which carriers are Premier Partners?

Premier Partner members are identified in the Agent Dashboard and other pages with a small gray badge like the one below:


This feed powers several features to help make you more efficient and keep your clients' coverage intact. Clients who have plans from Premier Partners will display more up-to-date information because payment status will be shown in real-time and include status badges calling attention to those who have upcoming or past-due payments.

Updated statuses in the dashboard

In the example above, Aqua Health is a Premier Partner carrier, and Sunshine isn't. So Sunshine still has the need to refresh statuses manually, but Aqua doesn't.

Sunshine has binder payment status only, Aqua has monthly statuses, year-round.

Additional information on the Client Details Page

Premier Partners also show this payment detail card on the Client Details page, with a payment button that persists year-round.

Clients At-Risk Banners

Premier partners also remind you of clients at-risk with alert banners.

Additional Agent communications about Premier Partner clients

In addition to identifying Premier Partners in the agent user interface, HealthSherpa also sends automated Premier Partner emails to agents highlighting members with upcoming or past due payments. Sent daily, these email reminders surface important follow-ups and allow agents to click through directly to member records for fast follow up.

Updated statuses in the At-risk email

The At-risk email includes additional content for Premier Partner carriers. For these carriers, it will show clients in a Past Due payment status. It will also show Binder Payment due statuses. For both of these, the statuses are automated, daily, year-round.

Updated statuses in the client-facing emails

Clients receive a Binder Reminder email (branded as you, the agent) if their binder payment is due. For Premier Partner carriers, these emails will be powered by the automated, daily, payment statuses. This avoids the client getting an email about payments they've already made.

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