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Window Shopping pre-OEP

Get a jump start on OEP plan selection in mid-October

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Want to get a jump start on OEP? The “Window Shopping” period lets you shop plans before November 1st.

Starting in mid to late October, you can preview plans for the upcoming plan year, and save plan selections per client. When OEP begins, all you’ll have left to do is to submit those applications – the plans you chose during Window Shopping will automatically be attached.

How it works:

Window Shopping can begin as early as mid-October and lasts through November 1st. We’ll email you when it begins.

At that point, you’ll start seeing plans for the upcoming plan year when you shop. (Note: there's a toggle available if you still want to see current plan year plans).

How to Window Shop:

1. Shop

For existing clients:

Once the Window Shopping period is live, you’ll see “Renew” buttons appear. Click “Renew” to kick off Window Shopping for a particular client.

For new clients:

With a new client, just click the “Quote” button to enter the Window Shopping experience.

2. Save

When you’ve decided on a plan, you can save it for that Client. First, click the "Add to cart" button, as you normally would:

Then click the "Start Application" button as you normally would:

You'll then see a page that confirms your plan selection.

Your plan selection will then appear on the Client Profile (if it's an existing client) or Lead Profile (if it's a new client) – with a “Resume shopping” button below it.

3. Come back November 1st

After OEP begins, go back to the Client's Profile, and click that “Resume shopping” button. This will take you directly into the application with that plan automatically attached. From here, complete the application as you normally would.

Presto, your OEP is a little less hectic. 😊

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