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The "Leads" tab contains clients who have begun the quoting / enrollment process, but have not yet submitted an application. When they complete their application, they will automatically be moved over to the "Clients" tab. 

From the “Leads” tab of your dashboard, you can import by clicking 'Import", or export by clicking “Export”.

You can filter your leads list to view clients who are Shopping, Applying, or Confirming. You can also resume the application at any time by clicking "Resume" on the right of the client's name. 

Note: Lead export files contain a “resume” link that can be included in email campaigns directed at clients who need to finalize their enrollment. This allows your client to pick up where they left off. 

 By clicking on the Lead's name from your Leads list, you will be taken to a card with their details. 

From here you can view the information about their current quote, you can resume shopping, and you can add any notes you'd like to document your follow ups and communication with the client.

Any questions? Please contact our Agent Support team at 888-684-1373. They can also be reached via email at agent_support@healthsherpa.com

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