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Client list and client details page
Client list and client details page
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Viewing client details from your client list

Click the client's name to view their details.

Client details tab

Once you get to the Client Details page, you have access to information about your client, including:

  • A list of follow-ups to make sure your client effectuates their coverage

  • Application details (contact, status, and Agent of Record information)

  • Plan information (Status, dates, member names, FFM ID, carrier phone, and premium information)

  • Enrollment history

  • Consent records

  • Marketplace notices

You can submit Changes in Circumstance, and view Eligibility Notices from this page.

Note: For more details on making payments, or uploading documents, click here: Document Uploads, Making a Payment

Household profile tab

To access household profile information, click on the tab next to the Client Details tab. This view is designed to give agents a holistic view of application and household member information by client.

This tab pulls together application records on the HealthSherpa platform by email and phone number. Information that can be accessed on the household profile tab includes primary client contact information, a list of household members, and a list of applications associated with that client household.

Household members and associated applications are referenced from the most-recently submitted FFM application that has been submitted on the HealthSherpa platform or Search and Claimed into the platform. In many cases, this will be a different application than what is shown on the client details page.

In the context of ACA insurance, a household typically refers to people who file taxes together, regardless of whether they are related by blood or marriage.

Importing and exporting client information

You can import existing clients by selecting "Import" on the right, downloading the CSV template, and filling out the required fields. You can also click “Export” to pull a list of your clients and their details.  

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