Your Carrier Settings page is the place to add your licensed states, add your appointed carriers, and (if you have Referrals turned on) to set your Referred Carriers.

We'll describe what all of these settings do below.

To access your Carrier Settings, click the gear icon in the top-right of your dashboard:

States & Appointments

You'll be able to add States and select which Carriers you're appointed with.


If you've turned Referrals on, you'll also be able to select which Carriers you want to refer here:

How these Settings affect the Plan Shopping experience

When you do Plan Shopping, the Carriers filters will default to make visible:

  • Carriers you've set to "Appointed."

  • Carriers you've set to "Refer" (if you have Referrals turned on)

The screenshot below shows an example of what an agent would see if they were quoting in Florida, and had only set Ambetter to "Appointed" and set Molina to "Refer":

As you can see above, you'll always have the option to select any other Carrier to filter into view, if you 'd like.

(Note: If you haven't set any Carriers to "Appointed" or "Refer," you'll see all Carriers by default.)


Why can't I add SBM states?

HealthSherpa is focused on FFM states. You do have the ability to run quotes in SBM states on our system, but when you try to enroll, we'll link you off to the state SBM directly.

Why don't I see a Carrier I'm appointed with?

We list every Carrier that participates in ACA. If you're not seeing a Carrier, double check that the name is right – some Carriers use different names in different states.

Can I refer Carriers that I'm appointed with?

Yes, you can choose any Carrier you'd like to refer.

Do you verify my licenses and appointments?

We do check with NIPR to verify your state licensure – NIPR is a national database that stores information on every licensed agent. We don't verify your appointment settings.

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