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EDE Permission Revoked Export and Tab
EDE Permission Revoked Export and Tab
Written by Elizabeth Ford
Updated over a week ago

HealthSherpa offers agents and agencies an EDE permission revoked export to help identify clients where EDE permission has been revoked.

What does EDE permission revoked mean?

CMS grants EDE permission to agents for their enrollments to enable data syncs. However, only one agent should have EDE permission for an enrollment at a time.

Missing EDE permission can occur for a few reasons:

  1. The agent imported the record and never established EDE permission

  2. Another agent engaged with your enrollment on the HealthSherpa platform

  3. Another agent engaged with your enrollment on another EDE platform

For use cases 2 and 3, losing EDE permission could indicate that your AOR is at risk.

What is the purpose of the export and tab?

This export is intended to help agents and agencies proactively identify any current plan year enrollments within their book of business where they do not have EDE permission, and their agent of record (AOR) status may be at risk.

How do agents access the export?

This export is accessible in the Exports tab.

Agents will click "Generate" to initiate the export process. Once the export is complete, it will be sent to their inbox for them to download and access.

If an agent does not see the Exports tab in their HealthSherpa account, it likely means their agency admin has disabled exports for their agents. HealthSherpa recommends reaching out to the agent's agency is this is believed to be a mistake.

How do agencies access the export?

This agency version of this export is accessible in the Exports tab for agency admins only. This report pulls all EDE permission revoked clients for the admin's agency, and any downline agency.

How can agents access the EDE-revoked tab?

HealthSherpa agent accounts have access to the EDE-revoked tab in the Clients page.

The EDE-revoked tab lists the name of the client, the EDE access revoked status, and the date and time this information was last synced.

How should agents and agencies use this information?

The export contains three columns:

  • Federal Exchange ID

  • Client Details Page URL

  • Archived Status (Yes/No)

The agency version contains two additional columns:

  • Agency name

  • Agent name

If a Federal Exchange ID (also known as a FFM Application ID) is on the report, agents should click on the corresponding client details page URL. This will direct them to the client details page where they can re-enable EDE permission. From there, agents will be able to pull in the latest enrollment information from CMS and verify the client's data.

What should agents do if fraud is suspected?

If an agent is no longer the agent of record (AOR) for their client's plan and this is deemed to be fraudulent, CMS has issued the following guidance:

Agents and brokers who are aware of others conducting a search for consumer applications using approved DE/EDE websites, enrolling consumers, making unauthorized changes to consumer applications without their explicit consent, or inappropriately accessing CMS systems, should report it to the Agent/Broker Email Help Desk at

Agents can reach out to HealthSherpa's support team by phone (888-684-1373), email (, or chat if further questions arise.

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