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Add existing applications to your HealthSherpa dashboard

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The "Search Marketplace" feature lets you find applications on the – with the client's consent – and bring them into your HealthSherpa Dashboard to service.

How it works

Note: We'll describe how to use this feature on an EDE-enabled account. If you haven't enabled EDE, you cannot use the person search feature.

First click the Search Marketplace link at the top of your dashboard:

Then you'll see this page.

From here, you'll want to ask the client's consent to search for their application. Once you have that, add in their information and press search.

If there's a match on, you'll see the search results populate. Click the "Add to clients" button to bring this application into your HealthSherpa dashboard:

If there isn't a match on, you'll see this, which prompts you to create a new application for the client. Before creating a new application, we recommend using the “search by SSN” function to be certain your client doesn’t have an existing application.

Note, when you press this "Create a new application" button, the application should be for the same client whose information you had entered above. If you change the primary applicant within this application, the application will ask you to verify the identity of that new person.

Using to add applications

If you'd prefer to use to find and add applications, you can click the link at the bottom of the Search Marketplace page. Once you find the application on, you'll be prompted to bring it back over to HealthSherpa.

Here are some screenshots of that flow:

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