If you try to enter your FFM username and password, and you are re-directed to the consumer login for HealthCare.gov - do NOT proceed to make a consumer account. HealthCare.gov re-directs you to this screen when it does not recognize your username and password combination.

Please follow the below steps to troubleshoot:

1. Visit portal.cms.gov and verify that your FFM username and password are working correctly there (these are the same credentials you will use to log into the broker portal on HC.gov). If they are not working you will need to contact CMS Broker Support at 855-267-1515 (Please note: You must actively be FFM certified to log in).

2. If you can successfully access portal.cms.gov, next, type in the following web addresses into your web browser: healthcare.gov/logout & cuidadodesalud.gov/logout 

3. After that, please clear your cache and cookies and completely close out your web browser

4. Relaunch browser and attempt to access marketplace again through Access Marketplace button on HealthSherpa

5. If you are still unable to access HC.gov, try using another computer or internet connection to see if it is an issue with your IP address.

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