You can send out renewal emails to clients, or begin the renewal on your dashboard. After an ID verification step, the renewal will be pre-filled with the information from last year's application.

How it works:

Login and access your agent dashboard

From your clients tab you can select to send a “Renewal Email” to eligible clients.

This feature will allow you to send a customizable renewal email to eligible clients where they can renew their coverage by following the link in your email. 

You can also begin a renewal on your dashboard by going into your "Clients" tab, searching for your client, and clicking the "Renew" button to the right of their name.

To begin a renewal, you or the client will need to complete an ID verification step. For more information on this step, please click here

Once you have verified their identity, you can begin their 2019 application, and it will be pre-filled with the information that was provided on their 2018 application. 

Click through the application, make any needed updates, choose the new plan, and submit your renewal. 

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