and carriers communicate through a 834 form. Think of this as a standard form that fills out and sends to the carrier. When HealthSherpa submits an enrollment to, we always attach your agent NPN to the application, and includes it on the 834 form. Other information (e.g. your Marketplace login, or your carrier writing number) is not included on the 834.

If the application is in your HealthSherpa dashboard, we put your NPN on the application with However, there are a few common issues that can cause errors with 834's - most of these happen after HealthSherpa has transmitted the application to

  1. sometimes fails to transmit 834's correctly to the carriers. They then send a reconciliation file to the carriers, and sometimes carriers discover old enrollments in that reconciliation file that they never received an 834 for. NPNs (and entire enrollments) are sometimes lost this way. Unfortunately, HealthSherpa has no control over the communication between and the carrier and can not provide a resolution. To resolve this issue, you can re-submit applications through HealthSherpa and confirm that your NPN is attached to the application. 

  2. Carriers sometimes incorrectly process 834's once they receive them from This can result in agent attribution and/or enrollment errors, as well.

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