The blue Access in button in your client's HealthSherpa application details page gives agents a backend log-in to Agents can look up the application of the client selected, upload their documents, and assist with paying their premiums. Payment of premiums is available via, if the insurance carrier permits this option. 

You can also utilize the "Access Marketplace" button towards the top right hand corner of your dashboard to log in to the Marketplace and search for and work on your client's applications. When you click this button, it will prompt you to select the state that the client's application is for and then you will be directed to the Marketplace login page.

Important: Do not use the "Access in" button from a different client's account. If you do this, when you work on your current client, it will overwrite that client's information on return. If you need to access the Marketplace for a different client, you can click on the "Access Marketplace" button located towards the top right hand corner of your dashboard. 

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