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When filling out an application for your client, it's very important to enter the Social Security Numbers (SSN) whenever possible. Here, we explain why.

For applicants:

The DMI factor

If you don't enter a SSN for an applicant, you'll end up with a DMI (Data Matching Issue) that requires the client to upload proof of income, citizenship, or immigration status—or else lose their subsidy or coverage!

DMIs create extra hassle for you and your client, so enter an SSN to help save everyone time. Learn more about DMIs.

The CMS factor

Not entering an SSN for an applicant who has an SSN is a violation of CMS rule § 155.220(j) and could result in the suspension of your FFM certification.

For non-applicant members of the tax household:

The DMI factor

Entering an SSN is strongly recommended for any non-applicants who have SSNs, because if you don't include an SSN for a non-applicant, you will likely generate a DMI that requires upload of documents to prove income. This is because CMS uses even non-applying tax household members' income to determine the subsidy amount.

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