For plan year 2023, HealthSherpa will be an approved vendor for the Marketplace Agent and Broker Training program. Our free trainings are available today through the Marketplace Learning Management System (MLMS):

HealthSherpa offers the following training curricula:

  • PY 2023 AB Marketplace Training — Marketplace Basics

  • PY 2023 AB Marketplace Training — Individual Marketplace

  • PY 2023 AB Marketplace Training — Privacy & Security

  • PY 2023 AB Marketplace Training — What's new in the Marketplace for Returning Agents and Brokers

  • PY 2023 AB Supplemental Training — Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE) for Marketplace Agents and Brokers

HealthSherpa offers Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for these trainings.

Agents and brokers residing in 20 states are able to earn CEUs for successful completion of our courses. These courses qualify for the Health line of authority. Click this link to see a the specific states where CE credits will be issued.

For the remaining states, HealthSherpa plans to work on becoming a provider of free CE credits in the following years.

Any agent or broker can take these free courses.

However, the Marketplace trainings are only valid for FFM certification. State Based Marketplaces (SBM) have their own, independent trainings. Agents pursuing SBM certification should visit the state’s website for directions and training.

How to access the courses.

If you’re a returning agent and ready to complete your training and earn some free CE credits at the same time, here’s what you’ll do:

  • Navigate to the MLMS within your CMS Enterprise Portal.

  • From there, you'll see an option to complete your Marketplace training with HealthSherpa.

  • Click through the HealthSherpa training option, and you'll be redirected to our site. Agents and brokers have to click through their CMS portal to our site for the training to be valid, so make sure you do this step!

  • Once you're on our site, sign up for the training and select the appropriate course.

If you are new to the Marketplace, you will need to create a CMS Enterprise Portal account and complete some steps before you can access the training. Click here for a step by step guide.

For full directions on how to complete Marketplace agent and broker registration for plan year 2023, please visit the CMS CCIIO Resources for Agents and Brokers in the Health Insurance Marketplaces.

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