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Using your Direct Link
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HealthSherpa provides a customizable enrollment website where your clients can quote to see available plans and even enroll!

When clients enroll through your unique marketing link, they are associated with your account and your NPN and name will be attached to their application.

You can use this site in your email marketing, social media, or your business website. This article will cover the following:

Where to find your direct link:

First, login to access your agent dashboard and click the Marketing tab. You will land on the Analytics tools sub-tab. Scroll down until you find the Customize your URL section.

Copy and paste this URL wherever you would like: in an email to a client, on your business website, etc--or use it in conjunction with our UTM tag generator.

How your direct link works:

When clients click on your direct link, they will land on your enrollment website where they can shop and enroll in plans on their own. For a page-by-page view of this experience, click here.

Any time a client saves their progress while quoting or applying, a Lead record will be created in your 'Leads' tab. You can view who has saved their progress from your link, as well as sort by status (Shopping, Applying, Confirming) to follow up accordingly.

You can select any lead record to view more information, based on how far they've gotten in the quoting process. 

From here, you can view any information provided so far in the quoting process, add any necessary notes, or resume to help them pick up where they left off!

Clients who have enrolled in plans will be shown in the 'Clients' tab of your dashboard. Your NPN and name will be attached to the applications of any clients who start the enrollment process with your direct link.

How to customize your enrollment website

Under the Marketing tab, you will find another secondary tab called Branding.

From here, you are able to customize the following aspects of your enrollment website:

  • Company Name

  • Company Phone

  • Logo

  • Color

  • Photo

In addition, you can customize the phone number that appears on your direct link. By default, your landing page will display the phone number you input into your ‘Marketing’ tab, but you can customize the phone number by adding it to your direct link.

This can be helpful if you have different phone numbers for call centers.

As an example, if your direct link was the following URL:

You can add a specific phone number to the end of the URL by using '&call=' then adding the desired phone number (e.g. '&call=1234567890').

When clients click into this URL, the phone number you specified will replace the default as shown in the following image.

Note: the image above is an example URL and will not lead anywhere if you try to type it into your browser.

Additional resources

Along with passing a specific phone number through your URL, you can also add UTM parameters to your direct marketing link. These parameters are gives you information on what marketing efforts brought leads to your enrollment website.

To learn more about UTM parameters and how to use them with your direct marketing link, read our article here.

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