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Reporting a Life Change
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How it works:

Login and access your agent dashboard:

Click on "Clients", search for the client, and click on their name.

From the client card you will see two buttons labelled 'Report changes' which can be used to report a change to an existing application.

After updating the application and downloading your clients' updated eligibility results, a prompt will surface asking to confirm and finalize the enrollment


If you prefer to do these changes through, click the "Access Marketplace" in the upper right, and log with your FFM username and password. 

Search for the application using your client’s first name, last name, DOB, state, and year of coverage.

Once in the application, click “Report a Life Change” and update client’s information. 

Download the new Eligibility Letter, and click "Return to Enrollment Partner's Website"

Confirm and finalize the plan on HealthSherpa.

Your updates will now be reflected in your dashboard!

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