HealthSherpa provides a customizable enrollment website where your clients can quote to see available plans and even enroll! You can add promote this site via email marketing, social media, or your business website. 

How it works:

First, please login to access your agent dashboard.

Next, From your agent dashboard, access “Marketing” on the left panel. 

Copy the "Direct Link" and paste wherever you would like (in an email to client, on your business website, etc.). This will direct clients to a customizable landing page where they can shop and enroll in plans on their own. (For more information on what clients see, click here.)

Any time a client saves their progress while quoting or applying, a Lead record will be created in your Leads tab. You can view who has saved their progress from your link, as well as sort by status (Shopping, Applying, Confirming) to follow up accordingly.

You can select any lead record to view more information, based on how far they've gotten in the quoting process. 

From here you can view any information provided so far in the quoting process, add any necessary notes, or resume to help them pick up where they left off!

Clients who have enrolled in plans will be shown in the “Clients” tab of your dashboard.

Questions? Please contact the Agent Support team at, or give us a call at 888-684-1373. We're happy to answer any questions you may have.

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