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Using HealthSherpa to Enroll Kentucky Consumers
Using HealthSherpa to Enroll Kentucky Consumers
Written by Kati Chevaux
Updated over a week ago

Agents can now use HealthSherpa to enroll clients in Kentucky!

After quoting on HealthSherpa, you will be redirected to Kynect to shop and enroll consumers within the state of Kentucky. After enrollment on Kynect is complete and you choose to return to HealthSherpa, the application data is populated within your HealthSherpa Agent Dashboard.

Agents can initiate applications for both new and returning consumers, but only consumers who did not previously have a Kynect account will be populated in the HealthSherpa Agent Dashboard.

Note: because the integration requires you to log into your Kentucky Online Gateway account, you won't need to update your carrier settings on HealthSherpa in order to get started - you can proceed straight to quoting.

How to use HealthSherpa for Kentucky consumers

  1. Quote in HealthSherpa for Kentucky zip codes.

  2. See plan results in Kentucky.

  3. Add to cart.

  4. Once in cart, choose apply, and choose "Continue to Kenucky Health Benefit Exchange."

  5. Get redirected to the Kynect website.

  6. Enroll through Kynect. Create an account for Kynect if you don’t already have one, fill out the application, and complete enrollment. For new clients, click the “initiate an application for an individual” button for new clients.

  7. You can then choose to return to HealthSherpa. (Dental shopping appears at the end of the enrollment. During dental shopping, there is an optional redirect link back to HealthSherpa. If you don't choose it, you must continue through choosing dental to complete the enrollment, at which point you will be returned to HealthSherpa.)

  8. Your Kentucky client data will populate in your Client List and Client Details screens.

If you have questions about the Kentucky integration, please email

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