How can I delete applications?
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Unfortunately, we can't delete an application, but you can "Archive" this on your HealthSherpa Dashboard. To do so please follow these steps:

  • Log in to your HealthSherpa Agent Dashboard

  • In the Client’s tab, you will see the Action button on the right side of each application

  • Click on the Action button and a drop-down box will appear

  • Click on Archive for each application you don't want to see on the dashboard

This will automatically be filtered and you will only see the unarchived applications every time you log in to your agent account.

If you ever want to see the applications you have archived, you can switch the filter on your Client’s tab from Archived ‘No’ to Archived ‘Yes’ 

To return to your main client list view, you can just make sure Archived ‘No’ is the only filter applied. 

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