There are a couple of reasons this message might display. The Marketplace may have indicated the client is ineligible at this time, or their system may have taken too long to respond to HealthSherpa.

First, check the eligibility letter to make sure the client is in fact eligible to enroll at this time.

If they are eligible, it is possible the application went through properly, but displayed an error due to a delayed response from

Go back into your dashboard and check for the client in your clients list. Click on their name, and check their application history. If it appears they are enrolled, this means the application went through. 

You can also verify this by searching for the application in Click ‘Access Marketplace’, located in the upper-right of your dashboard. Choose the option on the right to search on using their name, date of birth, state, and plan year. Click ‘Update’ to enter the application, and click ‘My Plans and Programs’ to view the status. 

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