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Export additional detail about your book of business

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Agents and agencies can export their full book of business, including over 150 columns of enrollment data!

The export is a .csv file which contains applicant information, plan details, follow-up statuses, and many many more columns of data. For a description of what every column means, please refer to the export legend that matches your user type:

Agents and agencies commonly export their books to update their own tracking systems or their CRM. Other reasons include:

  • Helping to effectuate policies

  • Targeting outreach to a particular group of clients

  • Doing custom reporting for their business

Client Exports

Exporting clients as an agent

From your Clients tab, click the Export button:

You'll then see this pop-up:

From here, select the date range you'd like to export from (the date range refers to the last time an application was submitted, including Report Changes submissions). Then press Export Clients, at which point you'll be sent an email with a link to download the .csv file (large exports of 1000s of clients can take a bit for the email to arrive).

Exporting clients as an agency

The agency version of the Client Export works just like the agent export described above, but includes clients from every agent and subagency in your downline.

To access the agency export, you must be a Primary Admin or Agency Admin. Go to your agency page, then click the Export button in the top right.

Lead Exports

Agents can export additional columns about their leads too. The Leads Export is available from the Leads page, on the top right side of the Leads Table. Click that Export button to get an email with the .csv file. This export is very similar to the Clients Export, just with a slightly different set of columns.

Agency Roster Exports

Agency admins are also able to export a roster of their downline agents. This makes it easier to:

  • Email their downline agents who have linked HealthSherpa agent accounts

  • Check whether their downline agents’ settings are accurate

  • Confirm their downline agents have enabled EDE

  • Assess enrollment volume at the downline agent-level

To download the roster, admins will click the ‘Export’ button from the Agency tab. A modal similar to the example below will appear. Admins need to click ‘Export agents’ to receive a copy of their Agency’s roster.

Agency DMI Exports

In addition to Agency Roster exports, HealthSherpa has an export that reports Agency-level DMI statuses. This feature should be especially helpful for Agencies who have internal teams dedicated to DMI resolution.

This new Agency Admin report will pull DMIs with a due date from the past two months to anytime in the future. For all DMIs within that timeframe, the export includes the following information:

  • Agent name

  • Client FFM app id

  • DMI type

  • DMI status

  • DMI Due date

  • URL Link to Client Details Page

Agency admins can pull this export by clicking on the ‘Export’ button above the table in the ‘Clients’ tab, and then hitting the 'Export DMIs' button as shown in the image in the previous section.

Additionally, all Agency Admins can automatically receive this export in a weekly email if they are opted into receiving them from the ‘Settings’ tab.

Export Security

We strongly recommend that all Agencies and Agents set up 2-factor authentication (2FA) for their HealthSherpa accounts to keep their book’s data as secure as possible. Click here for instructions on how to enable 2FA and give your account an added layer of security.


Why don't I see any Export button?

Please do note that if you are a member of an agency and you see no Export button, you may need to ask your administrator to access that report.

Why can't I access my Export?

After you export, you'll get an email with a link to download your export. If your Export is for thousands of clients, it may take a while for the email to arrive. If you have issues accessing the link located in your email, open the link in an incognito tab, log back in, and it will load for you. Please contact Agent Support for assistance if needed.

Does the Export ever change?

While infrequent, the format or columns of the export report may change. Use these legends to ensure you have the latest:

How long is the export link active?

Export URLs expire approximately one hour after the export email is generated.

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