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What to Expect with ARPA

Resource for ARPA information for Agents/Brokers

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Looking for information about the new ARPA Unemployment subsidies? See our blog post here.

Starting on April 1, 2021 we will be going live with a number of enhancements that enable our brokers to process American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) changes seamlessly within HealthSherpa. For a full overview on the American Rescue Plan Act, click here for our blog post on what agents need to know.

Briefly, the Congressional Budget Office expects ARPA to bring about 2.5 million currently uninsured people to the Marketplace between 2021 and 2023. Nearly all existing clients will be able to resubmit their applications for lower premiums because of this law.

After 4/1/21, there will be a green banner at the top of each client’s profile page showing their existing subsidy and the new subsidy under ARPA.

From here, you have two options for servicing the client, so they receive the new ARPA premium subsidies:

  1. Through the ‘Apply the New Subsidy’ button

  2. Through the ‘Report Changes’ button

How do I service clients, so they receive the new ARPA premium subsidies?

There are several ways to re-submit and secure the subsidy.

Through the “Apply the New Subsidy” button

  • From the client profile page, click on the “Apply the New Subsidy” button.

  • You’ll then be prompted to skip to the end of the application (if you don’t have changes) or update the application if there have been changes. Note that if the client had previously declined a request for assistance due to a high income level, you will want to update that field and submit income information to qualify for subsidies.

  • After finalizing the application, view the final subsidy and premium on the eligibility results page.

  • If you are interested in viewing new plans, click on ‘Change your plan’ below the Enroll button.

The critical step is going through the eligibility page where you can download the eligibility letter with the updated subsidy. It will state “This subsidy is based on the new American Rescue Plan Act - your previous tax credit was $xxx”.

What is the fastest way to submit an application to update subsidies if there are no app changes?

  1. If there are no changes to the application, go to the client profile, click on ‘Report changes’ button from the client card (also found on top right of clients page if EDE enabled)

  1. In the Reporting a Change modal click Update

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the client popup to the last ‘edit’ button

  2. It will land you on the Additional Questions section of the application. This enables you to skip going through the majority of the application if there are no changes.

  3. Advance through the application

  4. Download eligibility letter. (At this point, you can always go back to change plans below the ‘Enroll’ button)

  5. Click on Continue and then Submit from the Confirmation page

Does ‘change plans’ flow submit a client’s new ARPA subsidy?

  • Any member can change plans during the SEP period through 8/15/21. Note that if you click on ‘Change plans’ from the client profile page, you are able to switch plans for the member, but it does not re-submit the application or go through a new eligibility subsidy request.

  • You must re-submit the application in order to get the new subsidy. You can always do this after you have changed plans by clicking on the ‘Apply the new subsidy’ button OR ‘Report changes’ button.

See our ARP agent resources library to access collateral, email templates and more.

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