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How to access your client's 1095-A form
How to access your client's 1095-A form
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You can access your clients' 1095-A forms through your HealthSherpa dashboard!

This article covers how to retrieve this tax form for clients you enrolled on and outside of your HealthSherpa account.

How 1095-A forms are accessible through HealthSherpa

1095-A forms and all other Marketplace notices will be easily accessible for any enrollment you complete on HealthSherpa using Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE).

Click the 'Enable EDE' button on the upper-right of your dashboard, or click 'Enable EDE to access docs' under the 'Application history' section. Click here for more directions on enabling EDE.

For clients you enrolled through your HealthSherpa account using EDE

Step 1: Go to your 'Clients' page, search for your client, and click on their name.

Step 2: Scroll down to the 'Application history' section, and click on 1095-A to download!

For clients you enrolled outside of your HealthSherpa account or without EDE

To access form 1095-A, you will need to search the Marketplace for your client’s application and bring it into your HealthSherpa account. You can find directions here on how to do this.

If you follow this process and pull in an application, you will see this application in our dashboard as a terminated app. This is because we are in a different plan year now.

For this to work, agents need to have been licensed in the plan year they’re trying to search the Marketplace. For example, if you only were licensed for PY 2022, you would not be able to retrieve a client’s PY 2021 1095-A.

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