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Viewing Application Agent of Record
Viewing Application Agent of Record
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On the client profile page you are able to view the Agent of Record for the application. 

How it works:

  1. Select a client’s name from your client dashboard. 

  2. If you have EDE Enabled, locate the sync button on the upper right hand side of the page and click on the sync button in order to get the latest update of the AOR that was sent to the carrier

  1. Scroll down to the Coverage section where you can see the plan details. There you can see the Agent of Record for the plans.

The Agent of Record field can show the following:

  • NPN xxxxx: Displayed if the NPN is one that is associated with the agent’s account

  • HealthSherpa referral: Displayed if the plan was referred to HealthSherpa

  • Other party: Displayed if the NPN is one that’s not associated with the agent’s HealthSherpa account AND it was not a HealthSherpa referral


Enable EDE on your account in order to see the most recent Agent of Record. If you do not have it on, the field will only reflect the NPN at the time that you submitted it to It will not reflect any Changes in Circumstance made after the initial submission. 

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