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Re-Submitting an Application using
Re-Submitting an Application using
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Use the “Access Marketplace” button to access

Choose the option on the right to search using & select the client's state. 

Log into using your FFM username and password.

Please note: This is the same username and password you use to log into If you need to edit this information, you can do so in your settings

Click 'Search for Application'. 

Type in your clients name, date of birth, coverage year, and state. Click 'Search'. 

When you find the client's application, click 'Update' to enter.

Go to the 'Eligibility and appeals' tab on the left. 

Scroll down and click 'View Eligibility Notice (PDF). Review the notice, and then click 'Return to Enrollment Partner's Website' to come back to HealthSherpa. 

Confirm the plan details, and click 'Enroll'

When the submission is complete, you will receive this confirmation page. 

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