Through HealthSherpa, Agencies and Agents are able to export their full book of business when needed. Click here for directions on how to export this data from your account. Please do note that if you are a member of an agency and you see no Export button, you may need to ask your administrator to access that report.

The export contains applicant information, plan details, and status on follow ups. For a description of every column, please refer to this export report legend.

While infrequent, the format of the export report may change. If this happens, please return to this article because we will keep this legend up-to-date. Should you attempt to export your book of business and have issues accessing the link located in your email, open the link in an incognito tab, log back in, and it will load for you. Please contact Agent Support for assistance if needed.

Agents and Agencies commonly export their books to update their existing tracking documents or CRM. Other reasons include:

  • Effectuating policies post-OE

  • Filtering by document or payment statuses*

  • Filtering by carrier

  • Filter direct enrollments versus referrals

We strongly recommend that all Agencies and Agents set up 2-factor authentication (2FA) for their HealthSherpa accounts to keep their book’s data as secure as possible. Click here for instructions on how to enable 2FA and give your account an added layer of security.

*Note that documents are reviewed by a third party at CMS, so there may be a slight delay in seeing the most up to date status. Until a carrier reports a completed binder payment to CMS, the payment status may say pending.

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