If you haven't handled the termination of the plan yet, there are a couple of ways to do so:

Terminate at Marketplace via your HealthSherpa dashboard. On your dashboard click on the client name then the blue "Access" button. Log into healthcare.gov and look up the application. When on the healthcare.gov account you can terminate the plan. 

To cancel an enrollment completed through HealthSherpa:

  • Log in to your HealthSherpa dashboard
  • Click on the completed enrollment
  • Click the blue "Access Account" link at the right
  • Log into Healthcare.gov using your FFM credentials
  • Click "Find an Application"
  • Enter the applicant's information and click "Submit"
  • Select the correct application in the list that appears
  • Click 'My Plans & Programs'
  • Scroll down and click the red box that says, "Terminate this Enrollment"

After this step, if you want we can assist you in archiving the application on your HealthSherpa dashboard. Just let us know and we'll handle it. 

Or you can terminate by calling into healthcare.gov. If you and your client call into Marketplace and let them know you want to terminate the plan the can assist you with that. If you client wants to handle this independently, please provide them with their FFM application ID. 

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