Please follow the below steps to report a live change

  • Login to your HealthSherpa account
  • From your dashboard, click the client's name
  • Click on the Access in button below the client’s contact information
  • You'll be redirected to and you will need to sign in
  • Search for the application using the primary applicant' first and last name, State and year of coverage, and their date of birth.
  • Click on Update
  • On the left, select My Plans & Programs
  • Click on Report a Life Change
  • Update client's information
  • View Eligibility Letter (and download)
  • Click on Return to Enrollment Website
  • Click Continue
  • Click Enroll

To confirm a change in income on our side, click on your client’s name and it will take you to their account details. From there you can see their gross premium and subsidy. The subsidy should match the eligibility letter. The net premium should show their old premium amount and is the current premium to be paid. You can also report a life change, or update client information, by making a 3-way call with the Marketplace (Agent + Client + Marketplace representative). The Marketplace can be reached at (800) 318-2596.

Important note: If you or your client calls the Marketplace, please be sure your agent NPN is attached to the application. Sometimes there can be issues through CMS with all online applications submitted through any web based entity. If an application is accessed to report changes or update client information, the agent's information may be stripped away.

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